About Us

NetManager has started off years ago. Making a sale or 2 to family and friends not doing it for the money, but to connect with those around us, and to offer them an alternative to the expensive retailers.

From that we started building on that idea, moving forward, and to provide our customers with the same quality of service which we would provide to family and friends. We will always try to go the extra mile where possible and will do what we can to keep a smile on the faces of our customers and clients.

The name "NetManager" came from the founder of Network Management Systems, and the shop is a product thereof. This online shop is a side product thereof but the goal is always the same, service, service, service.

We welcome the community to give their thoughts and suggestions by our "Contact Us" page or by e-mail to: info@netmanager.co.za . We will always try to improve where we can, and the opinions of others might give us a different perspective of things.

Thank you for your support and visiting our shop.
NetManager Team